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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swedish Necrophiliacs Help Haitian Earthquake Victims

Thousands joined a Facebook group which said it would donate 30¢ per member to Haitian relief efforts once the group's roster hit 200,000. Once the target number was met, a message explained that the Svenska Nekrofil-föreningen - the Swedish Necrophilia Association - was the entity behind the group and was sending Haitian relief efforts some 500,000 kronor (over $69,000). The group then posted disturbing pictures and discussions as to the types of dead bodies with which members wished to have sex.

A founding member of the Facebook group later told a Swedish newspaper the point of the hoax was to teach people to "critically review their sources." I believe that is supposed to mean "teach people to better research what groups the are joining, to whom they are donating, etc." because the quote doesn't make much sense.

Enrollment peaked at about 212k Tuesday afternoon. Once the hoax was revealed, membership dwindled, then plummeted. The group was removed Tuesday night. Though I earnestly searched, I do not know if any money was actually collected or donated.

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