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Saturday, February 13, 2010

All Sorts of Problems

Sorry ab out this week, guys. For one thing, I am not feeling well. Yes, it's because of the surgery, but I also think it's a bit to do just with everything - a little run-down, bored, anxious for this whole recovery process to be over and done with, etc.

Also, Blogger has been having problems all week long. Sometime last week or so, I noticed a new option above - Edit Pages - which I have yet to mess with, but I'm sure allows me to now add pages like in WP. I'll be doing that one of these days. In the meantime however, I was trying to - you know - like, post entries and things? I keep getting a 404 (Page Not Found) error, and have been since last week!

It's really maddening and anti-productive: you write entire posts only to find they haven't been saved and you can't recover them because the fucking "auto-save" feature isn't working either, so you're forced to rewrite the entire thing! If you try to save your work as you go, it closes the whole post and you have to surf back to the Dashboard and reopen the thing. REALLY frustrating, extremely time-consuming, and pointless.

Add this to my feeling bad to begin with and I just haven't been able to do much. Anyway, I have an entire week to catch-up on here, so there should be a lot of stuff headed your way this weekend. I can make no promises about next week, though - heck, I can't make any promises about this weekend! The truth is that I'm still feeling under the weather, so...

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