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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Series: Ancient Magic

Odin One-Eye
Odin One-Eye
Today's headlines too often center on claims of witchcraft, sorcery, and injustices in the name of various religions which prohibit a belief in or practice of actual "magic." But ancient societies the world over believed in magic as an everyday element, and those who practiced it were considered wise and learned. True, some used their magic for selfish -- and often ruinous -- reasons, but it wasn't until the advent of Christianity and Islam that what was once considered magic became known as "witchcraft," and its practitioners -- both old and new -- came to be slandered as evil.

Ancient society's earnest research into such magical fields as astronomy and alchemy laid the groundwork for the scientific work which followed. Even today, archaeologists and researchers routinely uncover new pieces to ancient history which suggest our ancestors knew far more than modern scholars credit them. Much of this knowledge was considered magic, or sorcery, until about 300 years ago when Western Thought underwent an Age of Enlightenment.

In this series, we will examine some of the stories which comprise the rich mythology of magic in the ancient world, along with lists of spell ingredients and their reputed effects, and more. At various times throughout history, Man has believed we live alongside alternate dimensions, such as Faerun, and men and women possessed of supernatural powers walked between them. 

Ancient Magic will recount some of these tales, and examine these concepts.

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