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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Cats Exist in Britain, According to Authority

This is the second time in recent months that an authority in Britain has "confirmed" the existence of Big Cats in and around the UK. While no conclusive evidence has yet been uncovered, Natural England recently released a report containing well over 100 reports of unknown creatures - the field of which is known as "cryptozoology" - and over 1/3 of these reports (38, to be exact) concern Big Cats.

While some of these reports were eyewitness accounts, others include tracks and the carcasses of animals attacked by unknown creatures. Far more interesting about the report is that it contains evidence of just how seriously the government takes these reports. Several investigations were launched and veterinarians were called-in to examine tracks, as well as the carcasses of livestock thought to have been attacked by Big Cats.

Charlie Wilson, who coordinates such reports for the government, has now gone on record as saying the evidence proves these Big Cats exist. He tempered his comments by saying these creatures had been "escaped, released, [and/or] dumped in the wild," and that he doubted any breeding populations existed.

In addition to Big Cats, the report confirmed the existence of raccoons and raccoon-dogs, neither of which are indigenous to the UK, as well as a wolf, prairie dog, and coypus.

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