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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decapitated Body Sacrifice to Blood-Thirsty Goddess

Police say the decapitated head and naked torso of a man found on the steps of a temple to the goddess Kali is a sacrifice to the goddess. Kali is the Hindu goddess of time and change, and is considered a bloodthirsty deity. She is most often depicted wearing a necklace of human skulls. Followers who offer her human sacrifices expect to be rewarded with fertility, health, and wealth.

While human sacrifice is obviously illegal in India, it does occur. Authorities say there is a thriving underground of secret ceremonies in which humans are sacrificed "to propitiate the gods." A three-year old boy was sacrificed to gods just a week ago. It was the second child sacrifice in the region in as many months.

Beliefs in witchcraft and the practice of black magic is predominate in rural areas, where people are poorer, and often desperate to change their plight. However, last October, two high-ranking scientists in Gwalior allegedly attempted to murder a junior co-worker as a sacrifice! In fact, experts say belief in black magic is on the rise, worldwide.

The victim found at the temple had his forehead smeared with vermilion and was surrounded by flowers and incense - certain indicators of a ceremonial sacrifice.

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  1. Three men in their 30s, two of whom were co-workers of the factory worker found decapitated at the temple, have been arrested for his murder.