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Friday, June 25, 2010

Bear Kills Man Near Yellowstone Park

A 70-year-old man hiked into an area near Yellowstone National Park where a grizzly bear had been trapped and released earlier in the day. When he had not returned after several hours, his wife went looking for him and told researchers in the area that he was missing. They found his body at the site where the grizzly bear had been captured earlier that day.

Friends of Frank Evert say the botanist was well aware of grizzlies in the Kitty Creak area, as he had called one friend and asked him about warning signs which had been posted there. Evert was not armed, nor was he carrying bear spray (powerful mace), and no one can say how it is that the 70-year-old managed to avoid running directly into the researchers leaving the area, unless he wandered off the trail at some point. Authorities recovered Evert's body later that night.

The Kitty Creak area has been closed-off indefinitely, as the grizzly bear is still loose. Researchers hope to recapture the one they tranquilized that day, and run DNA tests to determine if it was the one that killed Frank Evert. An investigation into whether or not the researchers followed correct procedure has been launched.

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