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Friday, June 4, 2010

Cat That Stalked Girls is Black Leopard Nicknamed 'Boris'

Mark Fletcher, once a skeptic, has come public with claims of big cats living in England. He says that he filmed a TV spot on the matter some months back and came to the startling conclusion that such a legend was, in fact, all too true. In fact, he claims that the big cat which stalked two young girls last month is not a panther, but a black leopard nicknamed "Boris."

Fletcher says he chose not to use the footage and evidence he had collected in his TV special for fear of causing public panic, but the girls' encounter made him feel so guilty that he decided to come forward.

However, several officials have beaten Fletcher to the punch lately, as many have come forward to state that big cats are absolutely on the prowl in the UK, and one off-duty policeman even caught one on tape. You can read Fletcher's account here.

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