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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kenyan Authorities Hunting Serial Killer Cult Leader

"I managed 17 and there were 83 to go," 32-year-old Kenyan, Philip Onyancha, confessed to police.  Onyancha says he was recruited into a cult by a teacher who told him to murder 100 women and drink their blood "for good fortune."  Onyancha has lead police and media around the country for three days, taking them to the sites of unresolved murders, uncovering four bodies, and closing many cases for police -- though many Kenyans are suspect, believing authorities are finding a convenient end in Onyancha to too many unsolved cases.

Meanwhile, the female teacher he claims recruited and instructed him is nowhere to be found.  She no longer works at the school Onyancha attended and was not at work Thursday.  Her whereabouts remain unknown.

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