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Friday, June 11, 2010

Rabid Foxes in SC Attack!

This one is as much a public service announcement as it is an "odd" post, because rabid wild animals is about as natural as you can get -- but attacks on humans by foxes are almost unheard of.  In Moore County, South Carolina though, at least two men have been attacked by rabid fox(es) this week alone!

A 22-year old man was attacked while biking.  Though he struck the animal with his bicycle, it continued pursuing him.  A second successful strike dispatched the fox.  This may have been the same fox which, emboldened by rabies, attacked an 11-year old boy in the same area the next day.  Luckily, the child was able to pin the fox down to the ground until it tired somewhat. He then brought the fox home with him.  The creature later tested positive for rabies, but the child was already undergoing treatment for the same.

Veterinarians have but one means of testing for rabies: Decapitation of the animal.  This is why you are told to collect any animal that bites, scratches, or otherwise attacks you -- if possible, of course.  Many times, rabies injections -- a lengthy, painful process -- are unnecessary, and the veterinarian can observe the animal under controlled conditions for several days before deciding the animal must be destroyed for more tests.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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