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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vintage Radio Picking-Up Vintage Broadcasts

A 1940's model Pye radio which is not connected to any power source, and "would probably explode if switched on," has been picking-up 1940's-era radio broadcasts, including speeches by Winston Churchill and the Glenn Miller Orchestra. There is no powerful transmitter in the area and technicians who have examined the insides of the radio claim to have found "nothing but cobwebs and spiders."

The radio was purchased in 1962 and is on display at the Montrose Air Station, which is widely regarded as haunted and has been for almost a century. Reports include ghostly figures, turning doorknobs, footsteps, and even full-figure apparitions. While experts have investigated the station many times and explained-away many supposed paranormal sightings and happenings, the radio has even the staunchest skeptic scratching his head.

Broadcasts of the Glenn Miller Orchestra are heard most often. They are said to be faint and last up to a half-hour, off and on, but even though you have to put your ear to the radio to hear it, the broadcast is distinct.

Though the official website of the Montrose Air Station has a section entitled "Ghosts," it shows merely a handful of images without any text, and the radio is not mentioned; it tends to dispel the notion that the heritage center is trying to capitalize on such things.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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  1. Has anyone attempted to record the programmes for comparison with known broadcasts from that era? Or perhaps are Mr. Churchill's and Maj. Miller's spirits broadcasting anew from across the decades?

    (Also, spelling nitpick: the phrase is "picking up". Two-part verbs are never hyphenated.)