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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World's Oldest Mom Dying of Complications

Rajo Devi Lohan risked her life to give birth to her daughter at 70, after a lifetime of being barren, but is now dying. Lohan says her doctors never warned her of the risks involved in giving birth at such an advanced age. Her daughter was born just 18 months ago.

Rajo Devi Lohan received IVF treatments from a controversial clinic in India. A 66-year-old woman, who also received the treatments, has since become the oldest woman in history to give birth to triplets. Doctors fear she may also fall victim to the complications Mrs. Lohan now faces.

Lohan says she has no regrets, though. Her sister has moved-in to help her and her 73-year old husband care for the toddler and their farm. Rajo Devi Lohan was ordered to bed rest following a complicated C-section delivery, but instead, she knelt each day to milk their buffalo. She is now too weak to lift her child or tend her home, and has taken to her bed.

The doctor of both women dismisses the claim that their pregnancies were in any way responsible for their current medical issues. It is a stigma in India for a wife not to be able to bear her husband children.

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