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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ghost Adventures: Return to Bobby Mackey's

Ghost AdventuresThere is one place that you might hear Zak Bagans say he is afraid to investigate. Demonic possessions and physical attacks are run-of-the mill at Bobby Mackey's Music World. The building, which now hosts a country music bar, has been home to a slaughterhouse and is the site of a well-publicized satanic murder. In 2008, Zak, Nick, and Aaron spent a night investigating the building, not knowing it would change their lives forever.

Bobby Mackey's is the only location the guys have visited where they feel spirits have followed them home. After the first investigation, Nick was startled awake by banging pots and pans. Thinking his house was broken into, he ran downstairs to find his kitchen faucet turned on and nobody around. Aaron even admits that investigating Bobby Mackey's played a factor in ruining his marriage.

You won't believe the evidence and occurrences that happen during this investigation. The spirits call the Ghost Adventures guys and their guests by name. They use their past and emotions to play games, and they even mimic friends to get to the guys. What lies ahead is one of the toughest investigations Ghost Adventures fans will ever witness.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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