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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ghost Adventures - The Vulture Mine

Ghost Adventures - The Vulture MineThe Ghost Adventures crew goes to the Vulture Mine in Arizona, which sets in complete isolation, 70 miles from Phoenix. The mine was discovered in 1863, and by the 1880s, there were more than 5,000 residents drawn to the town by opportunity and greed. The gold discovered there was responsible for much of Arizona's development.

Corruption was rampant -- if you showed any threat to the mine or the gold stores, you would be hung without trial. Many people were buried where they died without ever having a marked grave. The U.S. government sent in troops to protect the town, but even the soldiers were greedy and corrupt.

Unfortunately, it seems the spirits at Vulture Mine wanted Zak, Nick, and Aaron gone before they could arrive. A huge storm hit Arizona before the lockdown could begin, forcing the guys to head back to town and wait-out the storm. However, the setback did nothing but fuel the GA crew's desire to find out what lurks in the old mining town!

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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