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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dudley Dorito: 2010

"The Dudley Dorito," a UFO named for its "tortilla chip-like" appearance, was spotted again on November 18th, 2010, over a house in Tipton, West Midlands. The sighting occurred only days after a hovering UFO was spotted in nearby Sutton Coldfield.

21-year-old Munesh Mistry claims he and a friend witnessed The Dudley Dorito fly past at an amazing rate, but at first thought it was a peculiar grouping of birds in flight. It was the tell-tale triangle -- the "Dorito" -- at the center of the formation which sent them scurrying inside.

When Mistry and his friend began researching online, they discovered the Dudley Dorito had also been spotted less than a week earlier, on November 4th.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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