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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ghost Adventures - Fort Chaffee

Ghost Adventures - Ft. ChaffeeThe Ghost Adventures guys head to their biggest location yet: Fort Chaffee in Fort Smith, Arkansas -- 30,000 acres of haunted military complex. Fort Chaffee has been home to German POWs as well as Cuban refugees, and has seen hundreds of deaths during its 40-year history. Soldiers trained for combat within the fort's boundaries, but no one could have prepared for the influx of Cuban refugees Fort Chaffee saw in the 1980s.

When Cuba opened its doors for their unwanted citizens to leave, thousands of mental patients and criminals became permanent residents of Fort Chaffee. There were constant fights and stabbings on the grounds of what became a prison for refugees. This turmoil eventually escalated into a full-scale riot.

Fort Chaffee has also been home to a few famous, and infamous, individuals: Both John Lennon's murderer and Elvis Presley once called the complex home. With over 30,000 acres and a plenty of history, the Ghost Adventures crew definitely has their work cut-out for them.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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