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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ghost Adventures: La Palazza - Las Vegas

The latest Ghost Adventures episode finds the guys investigating in their home town of Las Vegas, where fortunes are won and lost. Known as a place to have fun, Las Vegas also has a dark side. In an historical neighborhood which has been home to the mafia, there are countless stories about dark events.

There is an excessively aggressive entity within La Palazza, one of the stately mansions in the neighborhood. The spirit is said to physically attack visitors, and is even blamed for a fire at the estate. Former owners of house were constantly frightened by voices, growls, and attacks.

A former owner of the house tells Zak about one incredible incident that happened when, while entertaining some guests, a glass was knocked from his wine rack. The owner taunted the spirit until he was choked by an unseen force. Guests at the house recall seeing two deep imprints on his neck. The ghosts here don't like to be taunted, which makes it the exact type of location the GA guys get excited to investigate.

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