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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Patty Bigbee: Baby-Seller

Authorities are looking into allegations that a grandmother who tried to sell her granddaughter may have sold her own daughter years earlier.

45-year-old Patty Bigbee of Tampa, Florida, was arrested for trying to sell her infant grandson to her biological daughter, Danielle Skiver, whom she had given-up for adoption 26 years earlier, for a cool $300k. Investigators say they have now uncovered evidence that Bigbee may have sold Skiver over 25 years ago! Bigbee and Skiver, 27, had not seen one another since then, but found one another through Facebook and have been talking since July.

Skiver contacted authorities when Bigbee offered her the 11-month-old boy. She later learned that Bigbee had extorted her adoptive parents into paying her to avoid "wanting the baby [Skiver] back."

The grandson's mother, Bigbee's other daughter, was in on the plot to sell the child, but Bigbee planned on cutting her out of the deal. Both Bigbee and her conspiring daughter have been arrested, as has Bigbee's 42-year-old boyfriend. The baby is now a ward of the state.

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1 comment:

  1. The only saving grace to this story is that Danielle Skiver went to the police. You don't like to think of what might have happened to that little boy if she'd been a different kind of person.

    And if it's true that the mother was in on this... well, you just can't take it in. The idea of selling another human being should be disgusting to everyone, but selling your own child? It should make you go cold all over, make you feel physically ill. Child protection is a lot more than a set of laws or something that gets talked about by social workers. It's a blaze in a parent's head, the feeling that there is nothing more important to them than their child. That feeling might even lead to giving their children up for adoption if they know that they cannot provide a good life. I don't believe the argument that all parents who give up their children do it out of selfishness. There are so many who do it out of love and I can't imagine a more heartbreaking decision.

    But that blaze obviously wasn't present in either Patty Bigbee or the baby's mother. I really hope that he gets adopted by someone who will have those feelings towards him.