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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ghost Adventures - Kell's Irish Pub

Aaron at Kell's Irish Pub
This week, the Ghost Adventures crew investigates Kell's Irish Pub in Seattle.

In the early 1900s' Seattle, death was a good business; mining accidents, disease, and murder made it very profitable.  E.R. Butterworth opened Seattle's first morgue in the midst of an outbreak of a deadly disease.  At the time, there were so many deaths, the City of Seattle paid citizens for each body that was brought to the morgue.  Since the payment was about half a year's salary for many, it quickly became an incentive for murder.

Today, Kell's Irish Pub occupies what used to be the morgue.  The restless souls that passed through the walls continue to have an effect on the building today.  Figures walk the halls, glasses move on their own, and voices echo throughout the building.

Every year, there seems to be a build-up of paranormal activity as we move closer to the anniversary of Seattle's Spanish influenza outbreak of 1918.  Due to the number of deaths, it was mandatory for everyone to wear surgical masks in public. Thousands of bodies passed through the mortuary as a result of disease, accidents, and foul play, but E.R. Butterworth didn't care if the bodies were there as a result of natural causes or murder. 

Zak, Nick, and Aaron believe the souls of those who died for unjust reasons remain trapped in Kell's Irish Pub.

© C Harris Lynn, 2010

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