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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ghost Adventures - Return to the Goldfield Hotel

This Friday, Zak, Nick, and Aaron return to a place that is notorious among Ghost Adventures fans: Goldfield, Nevada, is where Zak and Nick conducted one of their first investigations.  The Goldfield Hotel is where they caught the infamous clip of a flying brick.  Since that day, Zak and Nick have always wanted to return to the location of their very first ghost adventure.

However, the Goldfield Hotel is not all about warm memories.  There are former workers who are terrified to enter the premises.  During the pre-lockdown investigation, a former custodian admits to Nick that she was recently attacked in her home by a spirit that she believes followed her from the hotel. 

She also believes the attack was a warning for Zak, Nick, and Aaron.

The building has more than its share of dark history: The hotel's owner, George Wingfeild, was one of the most powerful men in Nevada during California's historical Gold Rush.  He is famous for operating a mining company in Goldfield, but also infamous for his crimes.  Wingfeild kept a young prostitute named Elizabeth hostage in the hotel while she was pregnant with his child.  Shortly after giving birth, both Elizabeth and her child were found dead.  Many people still believe Elizabeth and her baby were murdered by George Wingfield.

Though the Ghost Adventures crew are very excited to return to Goldfield, they are also worried, because the spirits have had six years to plan for their return.  This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss!

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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