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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Police Searching for Serial Killer in LI

Authorities stumbled over the bodies of four prostitutes in Long Island while searching for another missing girl.  All of the women had posted ads on Craigslist.  Their corpses, in various stages of decay, were all found within a quarter-mile range.  Police are offering a reward for information leading to a suspect.

On May 1st, a resident in the area called 911 after a girl 'who looked like she'd been partying all night' banged on his door, screaming someone was after her.  She ran away into the woods and has not been seen since.


  1. It's long island not Rhode island.

  2. You're right. Sorry about that! I went in today and fixed it after reading another article on it from the NYT. I meant to change it earlier, but had other things to do.

    Sorry about that!