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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ball Lightning: Remenham, England - 1871

A truly unexplained event of Ghost Lights was reported by a woman in Remenham, England in January, 1871 which some researchers think may have been a case of Ball Lightning. According to the eyewitness, "air bubbles" appeared in her home, coloring the wallpaper and furniture "rose... which gradually deepened into crimson," into golden orange, then lilac and deep violet. Nothing in her home sustained damage.

The report continues with the woman looking outside to see more of these "air bubbles" floating over the snow outside. Several inches in diameter, they colored the snow as they had her home's interior. Soon, the first set of bubbles was blown away by a wind, only to be replaced by a second set rising from the ground! A servant returning home also witnessed the phenomenon from a different viewpoint.

No sparks or electrical odors were reported, as is usually reported with Ball Lightning. None of the inexplicable "bubbles" exploded with a report or discharge, either. While the phenomenon sounds more akin to Ghost Lights than Ball Lightning, the 1871 incident has yet to be scientifically explained.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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