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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bogdan: The Magnetic Boy

A seven-year-old Serbian boy named Bogdan, whose family claims is magnetic, is not allowed near electronic appliances because he will destroy them. Further, items adhere themselves to his body -- not just metal objects, either; Bogdan has been known to attract plates and bowls, even a TV remote control. The objects stay affixed to his body until he physically removes them.

The boy's family was proud to show-off his abilities to reporters last week, but refuse to give their last name, perhaps fearing ridicule or maybe simply to protect young Bogdan. They claim he has possessed this odd gift since birth.

Bogdan: How does he work?

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  1. Experts have dismissed the family's magnetic claims, suggesting young Bogdan merely has smooth, and probably sticky, skin. After all, neither glass nor plastic contain metal, and Bogdan can be seen leaning backward in some of the more impressive pictures.

    Previous studies on other subjects who claimed magnetic powers also proved they were not.