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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

'Closest Sighting Yet' of Big Cat in the UK

Former policeman, Michael Disney, claims a Big Cat crossed his path in Pembrokeshire on January 28th, 2010, as he was driving. Disney told officials and reporters the cat passed about 15' in front of his car, which was going about 10-15mph at the time. The encounter occurred in broad daylight and lasted 5-6 seconds by his estimation. He said he had a clear view of the animal under excellent visibility conditions.

Disney said the cat was about 3' long with a body-type he likened to that of a German Shepherd and "a large, cat-like head." Fearing public safety, he drove to a local farmer's home to use the phone and learned that the owner had also seen the Big Cat a week or so earlier. Officials said they do not believe the public is in danger, but did warn people not to approach the animal if they see it.

"I am 100% certain that this was a puma or panther-like animal and was definitely not a dog, cat, or any other domestic animal," Disney said. "It was not something I had seen before, other than in a zoo."

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