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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Integrated Systems Improvement Services (ISIS)

IS: Integrated Strategic Intelligence Services, LLC
Integrated Systems Improvement Services, LLC
A cursory Web search confirms that ISIS (now apparently SIS) is a mercenary unit contracting out of Arizona, with ancillary branches in Texas and Nevada.  It also seems to confirm "conspiracy theories" regarding Arizona Senator John McCain's involvement in Pentagon-funded ISIS videos, possibly manufactured in the UK.  Such a productive Web search was not always possible, thanks to the proliferation of DNS-changing malware (for one).

ISIS, which has gone by numerous names over the course of its existence, may have received a government-issued building in Nevada free of charge according to sources (pictured).  This is harder to confirm.

Arizona has its own burgeoning filmmaking industry, with Flagstaff being one of the world's leading pornography hubs.  ISIS -- which may still operate out of Arizona -- may have since changed its name to SIS, or Special Intelligence Services, but its El Paso, TX offices are apparently still running under the ISIS flag.  Public trading under its ISIS banner seems to have ceased, but a blank INC. Magazine listing still exists.  As INC. Magazine describes it, "ISIS is a federal contractor whose core competencies include military intelligence training, command and control support, IT services, and defense surveillance."

Western media organizations fought diligently to keep ISIS-related Twitter accounts open, citing them as "newsworthy."  Anonymous -- once a clandestine, loosely-knit online organization now seemingly run by counter-intelligence agents -- had few problems "hacking" these accounts, but did not stop their spread.  Conflicting reports seem to show that other nations also failed to stem the spread of the organization, and its influence, early-on.  Non-Western media reports refer to "Islamic State" as "daesh," not by any acronym.

A similar terrorist cell known as TigerSwan domestically terrorized protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock before expanding its domestic terrorist activities to include "other Progressive Causes."  FOX Business, a leading and long-time source for all things ISIS, claims "officials" who funded TigerSwan's domestic terrorist operations were "unaware" the cell was unlicensed.  While TigerSwan faces a lawsuit regarding its activities, SIS (nee ISIS, by all sources) appears available for "security."  As does Blackwater.

Private security firms are nothing new, and provide necessary services for sensitive installations, celebrities, government firms, and private companies.  Using "defense contractors" to perpetrate War on citizenry, domestically and abroad (if not beyond), violates numerous laws, and calls into question the integrity of the nation and military that would use these tactics -- especially on its own citizens.

If Integrated Systems Improvement Services is linked to criminal activity under any name, or government and public resources are being used against the citizenry in a shadow war for personal, political, or financial gain, to stifle Free Speech, terrorize those with varying political or religious beliefs -- for any reason -- an investigation by the proper authorities is necessary.  If one is not forthcoming, the Press is supposed to press for such -- not enable, or suppress information on, such activity.  Given recent revelations from "whistleblowers" -- "leaks," as propagandizing interests have since labeled them -- innumerable other laws may have been violated or subverted by any number of agents and agencies, both private and otherwise, foreign and domestic, during illegal wars started under false pretenses.

(There is also a listing for an Arizona construction company by the same name, owned by one "Dave Davis.")

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  1. I don't even remember which incriminating image was there, but the very fact that it was removed absolutely proves the veracity of this article.