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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Panther to Blame for Mutilations in UK?

The mutilated bodies of three swans and two lambs are being blamed on a Big Cat Golborne residents reported sunning itself high in a tree a few days earlier. Other reports said some half-dozen witnesses spotted a "panther-like creature" laying on rooftops in the same area at about the same time. However, authorities are quick to note that the eyewitness reports of the cat were all from a distance, meaning they may well have seen a housecat or even some other animal. One dismissive authority from the Three Sisters area says he has been on-patrol throughout the area all winter and has seen no tracks or other evidence of a Big Cat in the area.

While authorities are not prepared to announce that a Big Cat is on the prowl in the area, police are treating the matter seriously. The sightings, and the swans and lambs, have been investigated by police.

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