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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

USO - North Atlantic, 1954

The crew of the SS Groote Beer saw something rise from the seas in the late summer of 1954.  According to Captain, Jan P. Boshoff, who observed the object through binoculars, the moon-shaped USO was flat and gray, with bright lights on its edges.  It flew away at a 60º angle more rapidly than manmade crafts can move.

Crewmembers on the Aliki P., a Honduran freighter sailing in the same general area, reported, "... a ball of fire moving in and out of water without being extinguished.  Trailing white smoke.  Moving in erratic course, finally disappeared."  It may have been the same USO, as the sighting was radioed-in to the Long Island Coast Guard around the same time.

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