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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Russia Establishes Yeti Institute

Following no fewer than 15 reported encounters in recent months, Russian officials are establishing an institute dedicated to the research of this Siberian Yeti out of Kemerovo State University. Dr. Igor Burtsev, who will lead the department, said he believes up to 30 Yeti live in the area in which the reports were collected during an expedition last summer.

Dr. Burtsev says the Yeti are approximately 7' tall and resemble bears with red and black fur. The tribe lives near the remote Mount Shoria region in southern Siberia. He believes these Bigfoot may be Neanderthal who have managed to survive into the present age. But, though two-legged, these Yeti are known for their tree-climbing abilities.

Dr. Burtsev said there are about 30 Russian scientists working on projects regarding the Abominable Snowman in some fashion, and all will be integrated into the new institute. Leading Russian scientists continue to deny the existence of Bigfoot, though some anecdotal evidence was uncovered during an expedition into Asia.

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