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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's All the Haboob, Bub?

Some citizens in and around Arizona have taken umbrage to weathermen's use of the word "haboob" to describe the dust storms residents have faced in recent months. These dust storms are caused by thunderstorms with high winds which pick up sand, loose dirt, and dust particles. While not uncommon to the area, Arizona has seen a large number of them recently.

"Haboob" is the term used to describe similar dust storms in other parts of the world, and technically the correct term for meteorologists. Insiders say these weathermen often use the word off-camera, but downplay it on TV to avoid confusing viewers.

Arizona is on the border of Mexico and attracts many would-be immigrants who want to enter the country illegally. Mexico is largely under the rule of large, and very dangerous, drug cartels. These crimes have been spilling into the state of Arizona for some time now and the mainstream media downplays their significance as "racism." However, Arizona residents have good reason to worry, as their state has become a hotbed of criminal activity that no one seems willing to tackle.

The controversy was actually created by a small number of people who have just enough time on their hands to not only be offended by the term "haboob," but to bother writing-in to the media outlets to express it. By and large, this fringe minority insists that Arizona's dust storms are unique from others and shouldn't be lumped-in with the rest.

Opponents say this nonsense is spurred by xenophobia, and possibly racism.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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