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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Would-Be Robber Held as Sex Slave

According to some reports, 32-year-old Viktor Jasinski attempted to rob a hair salon in April of 2009 only to be floored by a single kick from 28-year-old salon owner and karate black belt, Olga Zajac.  Zajac then dragged Jasinski into a back room, tied him up with a blowdryer cord, and kept him as a sex slave for three days.  Zajac was said to have fed Jasinski nothing but Viagra to ensure his continued productivity.

Upon his release, the would-be robber went straight to police in Meshchovsk, Russia, to report his ordeal and both were arrested.  But, while Olga admits the two had sex, she claimed she bought him new clothes, fed him actual food while he was there, and even gave him money before he left.  The 28-year-old summed him up with, "What a bastard."

Some commenters claim the police exposed the story as a hoax, but with little elaboration.  Is the entire story untrue, or only Jasinski's version of events?  Unfortunately, the Internet does not say, as the salaciousness of the story seems to outweigh any attempts at truth.

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