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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Has the Lizard Man Returned to South Carolina?

In 1988, a South Carolina resident claimed to have seen a 7' tall lizard-like creature with three fingers that stood on two feet. This report came in shortly after the sheriff investigated a car that had been mauled by... something. Tens of thousands of reporters, visitors, and hopeful cryptozoologists descended on small Lee County, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever might have wreaked such havoc. Yet the Lizard Man was not seen.

That is, not until 2008, when yet another car had its bumpers and wheel wells shredded. Again came calls of a strange creature. Some eyewitnesses claim the Lizard Man of South Carolina had glowing red eyes, but agreed that it had only three fingers. Again, though residents searched, the Lizard Man was not found.

Just over the July 4th weekend, yet another car was discovered torn apart by something(s) unknown, leaving many Lee County, South Carolina residents to speculate that the Lizard Man may have returned.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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