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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sri Lankan Grease Devils

"There is no grease devil, as such. It is a human among us with an ulterior motive of stealing or to engage in some illegal activities," a police spokesperson told reporters regarding a recent outbreak of attacks in and around Sri Lanka by what locals refer to as "grease devils."

As noted, grease devils are traditionally normal human beings who strip to their underwear and cover themselves in grease to better facilitate committing crimes. In recent weeks, several women have been attacked by these supposed "grease devils," and bitten about the necks and breasts. There have been some 30 or more reported incidents. This has lead to almost 50 arrests in and around the area, though locals insist the authorities have not done enough.

Police fired tear gas on a mob that had collected outside a local precinct, looking to lynch four men who had been arrested as possible grease devils just this week. Sri Lankan police and onlookers were injured during a similar melee following the release of a suspected grease devil at a different jail.

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