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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Thought I'd touch base with everyone for just a second and let y'all know what all I'm doing on this end so you don't think I've forgotten you:

My dog had to have an operation and I've been stuck caring for him. He appears to be doing somewhat better, but I still have to medicate him twice a day and will for the rest of the week, when I expect more company. With the holidays, I expect company for at least the next two weeks and I had company all but one week out of October, so it's been trying.

I got a new computer for the bedroom. It's mostly for use as a backup in case anything happens to this one, but it's also supposed to make things easier and thus me more productive. So far, this hasn't happened -- but then, I have 100 other things going on and I've only had the new computer for a few days.

I am also running Chill Online -- a free campaign for the Chill RPG, which is a modern-day supernatural tabletop roleplaying game. My interests in gaming and the unexplained are not mutually exclusive, but this is a straightforward roleplaying game. Even though some of the creatures and concepts are based on legend/lore from our own real world, they're intentionally changed and caricatured for gaming purposes. At any rate, this is important to me because I don't have satellite/cable and little money, and therefore have few entertainment outlets.

I just published More Things for Chill (and I implore you to all take a look-see, even though I'm still tweaking it) and will continue expanding it, but because I am running the game and have so many responsibilities, I'll be posting a lot of material I develop for the game on the site. So, in a very real way, I'm splitting my time in half on that front, then splitting my time in half from here in order to run the game.

I desperately need some Me-Time though, not just time off to take care of a dog or build a new computer, so things will continue to be a bit slow, but I'm still here. I love this stuff and find at least one or two things new every week to share, I just won't be able to do it daily for sure for the immediate future. And I know this has been the case for a while now, so there it is.

But please do stick around! You never know when I'll come across something cool.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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  1. And yes, I did pull an all-nighter to complete a bunch of stuff. I'm hoping to take-off the rest of the day, though I already know how that's likely to play-out...