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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Dog-Headed Pig Monster of Nambia

Nambian residents are arming themselves and traveling in groups out of fear of a "dog-headed pig monster" that is said to roam the area. Eyewitnesses claim they have seen the beast attacking dogs and other small animals near the village. Many believe the creature to be a black magician's familiar: a pet that has magical properties.

The dog-headed pig monster is said to be mostly white with broad and hairless shoulders like that of a pig. Attacks on domestic animals were reported in 2009, as well. In those attacks, no one saw the beast that drained the blood of the animals, but it was said to have left tracks similar to those of a dog. The tracks were followed, but they disappeared suddenly in the middle of an open field, leading some to believe the creature may be able to fly.

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