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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anderson Cooper UFO Show

Yesterday, Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, he discussed the possibility of UFOs with a panel of guests who had experienced abductions or seen evidence suggesting to them that something might be out there. Another guest was a high-ranking authority from MUFON, and his nemesis (on the episode) was a skeptic. While two of the guests claimed to have been abducted, the third simply stated she had witnessed something outside her house that had dumped "glitter" on her trees.

The skeptic played directly into form, suggesting sightings were geese, Jupiter, and other ridiculous nonsense. He then personally attacked the representative from MUFON, claiming the latter had no idea what he was talking about "as usual."

The show was more sensationalistic than anything, and very little evidence was observed or given time. In fact, the entire thing did not even last a full hour. While an interesting view, it wasn't worth looking for online.

© C Harris Lynn, 2012

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