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Friday, July 6, 2012

Internet Troubles

I have been having an intermittent signal since May. After about a dozen calls to tech support, they finally sent a technician out who suggested I switch from a regular modem (which I've been using for three years now) with a router to a wireless one. The very next day, the troubles started again.

This time, they said they changed the port that services my home. They also suggested I had "a stack of tickets dating back to January." I was taken aback, since I've only noticed this issue since May. I called the customer support and they informed me that there were two tickets before May, and about 10 or so since May. They were giving me the "problem customer" speech and I wasn't having it.

So far, things really have been better; I haven't noticed the signal dropping since the change, so maybe this really will solve my problem (he said hopefully). This should also mean more posts. It was really hard to post when the signal was on again, off again. I should have posted about this before now, but it was so touch and go that I didn't really know what to say. Honestly, no one seems to know what the problem is to this day, so there's no way of knowing whether or not it has been rectified until it starts again... or (hopefully) doesn't.

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