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Monday, December 3, 2012

Hades Discovered?

The cave outside Greece was discovered in 1958 and at least one archaeologist thinks it may have been the source of the Grecian mythological Hades. It even has its own lake, as Hades had the River Styx. The cave has been investigated several times since its discovery though it was first meant to be opened to the public.

Bolstering his theory is the dating of the cave, placing its most active period around the Bronze Age of
Mycenaean Greece which was "the beginnings of things that produced the age of heroes in Greece," according to Michael Galaty, the archaeologist making the inference. The interior was used for funereal purposes, where bodies were interred while large amounts of dung were burned. It also appears to have drawn visitors from far and wide.

The underground complex also showed signs of having been settled and inhabited in various areas throughout the years in which it was active. The mouth to the cave collapsed some 5000 years ago, preserving much of what was inside the caverns at the time.

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