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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Black Jesus Chopped to Pieces

"Black Jesus," the cult leader known for raping and killing young girls, has been killed by a machete-wielding mob. In fact, according to reports from authorities in Papua New Guinea, Black Jesus got the shit killed out of him:

Black Jesus, the self-proclaimed prophet whose real name is Steven Tani, had been imprisoned for multiple crimes (though he was only tried, and convicted, of rape) but escaped from jail last year along with over 40 other prisoners and has been on the run since then. He apparently went right back to his ways and is believed to have killed one young girl before the mob caught up to him.

At least one member of the mob claimed he was in the process of killing yet another "Flower Girl" who had been tricked into joining his cult when they chopped Black Jesus and another man into pieces. Several other men are supposed to stand trial for the murder of the young girl and other crimes related to the cult.

Those who live by the sword, die by the sword." was the epitaph given Black Jesus by district administrator, Lawrence Pitor.

© C Harris Lynn, 2013

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