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Sunday, March 9, 2014

LSD Helps Terminal Patients

Although the article is brief and says little about the study, an article reports that LSD can help terminal patients better handle their impending death. According to one of the researchers, the patients' anxiety went down and stayed down. This signals "success" in the sense that none of the participants were harmed, all reported that the LSD trip helped them, and the effects lasted. This is the first serious study involving the drug in more than 40 years.

Mostly, the test proves that LSD can be researched just like any other drug, although the positive and lasting effects it had on anxiety levels in patients is pretty important, too. Some of the participants were given 200mg of LSD while the rest were given 20mg. Those in the first group reported a decrease in anxiety while those who took the smaller amount reported an increase in anxiety - until they were given the 200mg dose, at which point their anxiety levels also fell and stayed down.

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