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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Skeleton of 'Black Shuck' Uncovered

Archaeologists claim to have found the skeletal remains of a large dog that may have belonged to a legendarily fearsome creature known as "Black Shuck" in the ruins of Leiston Abbey in Suffolk, England.

'Black Shuck' was the name given a gigantic, 7'-tall canine that is said to have roamed the Suffolk countryside in the 15th Century. While there are numerous legends of such "hellhounds" or "devil dogs" throughout the British Isles, Black Shuck is probably the most famous. The beast was said to have had a black coat and glowing, red eyes. The word Shuck actually comes from the word scucca, which means demon.

In its most famed encounter, recorded by the reverend Abraham Fleming in 1577, it killed a man and a boy in a church, legendarily leaving scorch marks on the doors when it fled. To this day, people claim to see the beast roaming the area. The legend is so pervasive that the name of the Bungay soccer team is the Black Dogs.

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