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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ocean Discovered Beneath the Sea

In light of both corporate CEOs claiming that water is not a basic human right as well as human rights activists saying water is a limited resource not to be wasted (to which there is some truth), comes the discovery of a massive ocean close to the Earth's core. According to reports that may or may not be true, the water reserve contains three times that of all the oceans of the Earth combined.

Unfortunately, it is housed inside of gems similar to diamonds, that occur naturally near the Earth's mantle. "This is not a liquid ocean one could sail a boat on," one geologist who studied the rock, which was said to be found near Brazil, said. Many scientists think water on the Earth may have been brought by comet but others say it may have seeped from the Earth's core and the truth is that both theories may be correct. However, this discovery may help scientists determine this and more.

Much of the Earth's surface as well as the human body is made-up of water. If scientists can develop a way of extracting that water from the mineral, the water crisis may not be as bad as we are told, which might mean corporations could charge consumers less.

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