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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Working on Integration

The OddBlog is not exactly a stand-alone blog but part of a small network of blogs offered by The Weirding. While it is accessible without having to visit the site directly, it is available through the site and we want more people to visit the site so that we make more money (and can continue to bring you stuff here, and elsewhere, more often).

So while I have been under the weather the past week or so, I have still been working on better integrating the blogs and the site. There are things with which I am still having problems but they are mostly design-oriented. I worked pretty hard at tightening-up the blogs over the last week or two and now it's largely just a waiting game on that front simply because it takes a bit for the search engines to update their information. The week prior, I worked on getting the movies scheduled and the promos for those finished.

So I haven't done much this week but I'll get some things done today. Just please be patient, as we haven't forgotten you nor are we abandoning the blog, just really quite busy as I said we would be.

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