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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Design Difficulties

We realize things look a little awkward right now the problem is that we don't know why they look awkward; we did a design trick we've used on the other blogs without issue but it isn't working so well here for whatever reason. Instead of doing the normal thing - tearing-out everything and starting over - we left what we have in-place and are still trying to isolate the situation. Some of these posts will have the new background while others will not as we implement new design features and test them out as we go to save time.

We know we said we were doing this several months ago but we also told you it was a tedious process that would take some time. We had to get our ducks in a row just to get this far without a major blowout so we hope you'll stick with us while we finalize some of these things.

We hope you like what we have so far, it's loosely based on the previous design, and hope you come back to see where this goes.

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