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Monday, February 2, 2015

NASA Claims Apollo 16 UFO was Boom

A long-discussed event regarding NASA and UFO contact may have been solved, as NASA claims the "UFO" spotted by Apollo 16 was nothing more than the boom camera passing through another camera's shot. This is according to a document on NASA's own website.

This is not so much a place for conspiracy theories as for "real" pursuit of information regarding disturbing and often inexplicable events but NASA has been scrutinized for its truthfulness in the past - even recently. This is why I'm not so sure I believe this, or any, "official" story. It is still good information which may well explain other sightings and even this one.

Many eyewitnesses are too frightened to have their stories dismissed without question and astronauts are highly-trained. It seems like they would have been aware of the camera's placement. These are just speculative statements meant to remind you that even if this "sighting" has been explained, others have not.

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