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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Oldest Recorded Sasquatch Sighting (Skræling)

A Viking Foray
A Viking Foray
According to some accounts, the oldest known sighting of a Bigfoot or Sasquatch in "The New World" was recorded by none other than Leif Erikson, or Erik the Red. Erikkson referred to "ugly, hairy men" with great black eyes" who towered over himself and his fellow Norsemen. The name he gave them was "Skræling."

While others insist this description refers to the Thule people, a pre-Inuit peoples who lived in the regions where Ericson and his men are said to have landed, including Canada, some note the inclusion of the word "hairy" as indicative of a different species. The Norse Vikings were, after all, very hairy -- they are most often depicted with great beards and matted hair, themselves.

Perhaps even more intriguing is the connection between the use of the word, Skræling, and the existence of pygmies, possibly throughout the globe. The Vikings were known to grow quite tall themselves, in addition to being hirsute; to many peoples, they would be hairy and towering figures.

As History repeats itself, we are continually finding out that our ancestors knew far more about the world than even we do today, and that many of the "facts" we thought we knew are erroneous.

While the Skræling of which Erik the Red spoke may have been nothing more than the indigenous American peoples of their time, the connection to countless descriptions of Bigfoot seem to cloud the issue.

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