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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

NEW Body Uncovered at Dyatlov Pass

As armchair, and active, cryptozoologists and parapsychologists, you have certainly heard of the Incident at Dyatlov Pass. Well, it just got weirder, as yet another body was found in January around the same site at which nine hikers mysteriously disappeared nearly 60 years ago.

The body, found by a group of hikers with whom rescue workers lost contact soon thereafter, was said to have been that of a male about 50-years-old.

Dyatlov Pass was named after the leader of the original hiking party that went missing on Mount Kholat Syakhl -- the Mountain of Death [translated] -- in 1959. The party was headed toward Mount Otorten, or "Don't Go There," and failed to make its checkpoint. When their camp was found, the bodies had been mangled, the tents ripped apart -- one hiker had a fractured skull and another had her tongue ripped out by its root.

Over the years, The Incident at Dyatlov Pass (as it has come to be known), has been blamed on everything from Yeti (Bigfoot) to aliens -- there was reportedly a high recording of radiation at the campsite -- to mere hypothermia-induced dementia, but no official cause of death has ever been given for the nine hikers.

While this report is daunting, it may well have been little more than a press hoax to promote the film, Devil's Pass. Of course, with names like "Don't Go There" and "Mountain of Death," it would not be unusual to find bodies in the general vicinity.

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