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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

VRIL and the Nazi Haunebu Program of WWII

A lot of ink and pixels have been spilled to debunk and disprove the Nazi VRIL and Haunebu programs, especially in the West. Some of these authors and investigators have been well-meaning, however misguided, but others have purposefully spread co-intel to muddy the waters.

While fanciful stories regarding the Occult and Venusian spacewomen (as well as Nordic Aliens) can be easily dismissed, many videos and information concerning the VRIL and Haunebu programs have been declassified and are available online, and elsewhere. The best way of knowing that there is some truth to them is, of course, the fact that they are routinely removed; if they were propaganda or misinformation, they would be more readily-accessible -- the way the stories regarding VRIL Occultists and ponytailed, psychic Venusians are.

There was no "Vril Society," nor any Nordic aliens; this was a cover story for VRIL technology used by Nazi Germany and their allies in their Haunebu program during WWII, specifically in the European Theater.

The German V-2 rocket is thought to have been the first man-made craft to reach space on either October 3rd, 1942 or in 1944 (discounting ancient astronaut theories), and the term "foo fighter" comes from the glowing orbs Allied WWII pilots saw during flights in the European and Pacific Theaters. The first US rocket to reach space did not do so until 1949, several years after Operation: Paperclip nabbed Nazi scientists and researchers.

One of the "smoking guns" in this covert history is the fact that Prescott Bush was indicted for funding both sides of WWII. Ford Motor Company, IBM, Hugo Boss, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and many other American-based corporations and businesses, supplied the Nazis -- and the swastika existed in numerous cultures long before, including some Native American tribes (in which it allegedly meant "war"). Even George Soros, one of the primary financial supporters of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, collaborated with the Nazis ("This video [was] removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service." - which is clear evidence of a conspiracy constituting Crimes Against Humanity - 2019).

While some of these tests were clearly successful, there is no real way of knowing how successful, nor how many vehicles were made and put into use -- or for how long. Some of the pictures appear to have been doctored by propagandists, while others appear to be of decommissioned craft that may have been prototypes, models, or simple mock-ups. Others clearly show armed, apparently operational, saucer-shaped vehicles of a strikingly similar nature. WWII was the beginning of "The Space Race."

Alien life is almost certain, mathematically speaking if nothing else, but the Nazi/Axis space programs -- specifically the VRIL and Haunebu programs -- were very real, and the craft that came from those flew not only in WWII, but served as the foundation for some modern-day craft, as well. Whether or not the Nazi Haunebu models, or any craft using VRIL technology, are capable of space travel or are in use today remains unknown to this author.

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