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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Lunar Pyramid

The Lunar Pyramid
The Lunar Pyramid

This is an adjusted picture from the Apollo 17 mission which appears to show a pyramidal structure on the lunar surface. The original photograph is nearly blank, as is the one following, so the structure only becomes readily apparent once the levels have been fine-tuned. Though many have tried to debunk the photo, it has never been entirely disproved as a standing structure. It is offered without comment as to its veracity.

Other photos exist which appear to show the lunar pyramid surrounded by one or more similarly inexplicable structures, but they may have been faked. Apollo 17 was a 12-day mission with three astronauts, launched in 1972. This photo is from NASA and, if a hoax, it is not thought to have been intentionally perpetrated by the agency or astronauts.

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