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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Poppers" - Silent Weaponry

Poppers are silent weaponry which broadcast frequency transmissions that affect a Targeted Individual's emotional state by altering his brain waves.  "Poppers" is also the name given broadcasting agents who use clicking noises, bangs, whispers, and "raps" to hypnotize targeted individuals into becoming "Manchurian Candidates."  This is affected through the use of Classical Conditioning.

This silent weaponry is in heavy use throughout the United States, Iraq, and other places in the world.  It does not appear to be exclusive to US military or its contractors.

This technology may have been used by operatives in Florida to induce the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. Medical response was gauged in this "active shooter scenario."  The shooter was a former defense contractor who may have been murdered out of fears that he would divulge secrets of the terror trade, including the identity of his former colleagues.  This was an extension of the long-running Project: Orion nuclear program.

Families of three survivors sued social media giants for their participation in ISIS propaganda. ISIS, or Integrated Systems Improvement Services, is a publicly traded terrorist cell now operating under the name SIS, or Security Intelligence Services.  It prides itself as providing "unarmed" security (Silent Weaponry).

The venerable Fortean Times ran an extensive article detailing sound used in silent weaponry in 2002 (FT 153), focusing on infrasound and ultrasound.  It notes that the schematics for handheld sonic devices were available then.

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