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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

UK Outer Space Act 1986 (Project: Guardian)

Alien Autopsy (1995)
Alien Autopsy (1995)
In June of 1986, the UK government decided to legislate the use of space vehicles and, generally speaking, all activity in outer space.  This became known as the Outer Space Act of 1986.  Interestingly, it includes a provision limiting the UK government's liability in any cases involving the use of outer space vehicles and outer space transportation.  The following year, President Ronald Reagan curiously gave a famous speech in which he mentioned an "alien threat from outside of this world."

Some now claim Nazi scientist, Wernher von Braun, once noted that the ultimate false flag attack -- after a nuclear strike -- would be that of an "alien threat."  Relatedly, Sirius XM Radio was founded in 1990... but that's a series of different posts.

For whatever reason, enforcement of the Outer Space Act of 1986 fell to the British Transport Police (BTP).  To these ends, Project: Guardian was born.  The US and Canadian governments, in particular, were less than pleased.

And this writer is half-convinced that they let it be known with a cleverly staged snuff flick which was boldly broadcast worldwide on the Mafia-controlled FOX as a hoax (Alien Autopsy).

But that's an entirely different UFO post.  (Same conspiracy, though.)

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