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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

PHOTO: Dropping Weaponized Pathogens on Civilians is Legal (The Chemtrails Conspiracy)



Source - House.Gov.

I found this piece of CoIntelPro by a willing and useful idiot whose rap sheet is filled with lunatic, hardcore, "left-wing" conspiracy theories (such as that New York City is about to be swallowed by the ocean).  Despite a wealth of insults and deplorable search term phrases keyed to play in an echo chamber, his ardent anti-chemtrail "reporting" somehow missed 50 USC §1520a... and every other fact.

Between name-calling and fact-shaming, he begrudgingly admits that weather modification is real. But he assures anyone reading that -- should it ever be used -- it will only be for ethical reasons, like blocking sunlight (not blocking satellites, or communications, or transmissions, or spreading disease) because... "Climate Change."

Weather modification, such as cloud-seeding, has been in active use since at least the 1930s.  You can purchase live medical samples from The Rockefeller Foundation, or just join the military to get them (and everything else) free.

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